Our Team


Mr. Apurba Chakraborty, MSc, PGDip (Rehab), BOT, OTR(USA), HCPCReg(UK)

Occupational Therapy & Care Consultant/ Director

Apurba is a lead clinician in the area of Brain/Spinal and neurological rehabilitation in the NHS. He regularly assists the court as an expert witness service in cases of catastrophic personal injury and medical negligence for Care, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation.  He has provided leadership in clinical rehabilitation, university teaching, inspiring therapists in rehabilitation across regions and even at national level as well as developing services for patients. Apurba has experience of providing advance level clinical service from large teaching hospitals to community based rehabilitation. He has also achieved certification as Occupational Therapist Registered in the USA by the US National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. He has experience of developing and providing services in India as well. Apurba also undertakes Immediate Needs Assessment under the Rehab code. Apurba is an APIL 1st tier Expert Witness. In addition to the High courts in the UK, Apurba has been appointed as an expert for courts in Ireland, USA and Australia. He has experience of assessing personal injury claimants throughout the UK and abroad (Europe and India). He is frequently invited by multi-national law firms to contribute to CPD on matters related to rehabilitation,

Apurba enjoys travelling, music, languages and learning about new cultures.


Ms Ashleigh Knowles, MSc, PGDip (Neuro) MCSP, SRP

Consultant Physiotherapist in Neurological Rehabilitation

Ashleigh is a Lead Clinician in neuro-rehabilitation in the NHS and independent sector with expertise in neuro-physiotherapy in Brain and spinal injuries.

Ashleigh is responsible for leading and providing highly specialist assessment, treatment and management of clients with diverse complex neuro-disability in the community. She offers a region-wide, and beyond, Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) service. Ashleigh provides clinical leadership for an inter-disciplinary team that includes clinical management of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) and specialist nurses.

Ashleigh chairs the NHS Greater Manchester Community Neuro-rehabilitation Network. She is an AHP Member of the NHS Neurological Conditions Steering Group Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria Strategic Clinical Networks & Senate. She is the AHP representative on the NHS Major Trauma subgroup. She is an active member of the NHS Clinical Leaders Network.

Ashleigh is a windsurfer and a keen swimmer and in the past she had performed at an elite competitive level. She volunteers as a physiotherapist for young athletes.


Dr Richard Clarke, PhD

Consultant Neuropsychologist

Dr Clarke is an expert in the area of neuropsychology and Brain injury rehabilitation. He is a consultant neuro-psychologist in the NHS for people with brain injury as well as undertakes assessment for personal injury cases, occupational health and vocational rehabilitation. He also provides treatment as an independent practitioner.

When not working, Richard is a long distance runner.


Dr Bhaskar Basu, MBBS, DipOrtho, MRCS, FRCP

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr Basu is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Clinical Lead for Acute Trauma Rehabilitation Consultant in Amputee Rehabilitation; University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (UHSM). He is a Consultant in Neurorehabilitation – Trafford General Hospital INRU (Central Manchester Foundation Trust). He is an executive committee member of BSRM (British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine), Member of BSRM Major Trauma Core Group, Member of SIGAM BSRM (Special Interest Group- Amputee medicine), Member of the National Clinical Guideline Development Group (GDG) for Trauma Service Delivery (NCGC | National Institute for Health and Care Excellence NICE | Royal College of Physicians) 2014-2015, Published in Feb 2016.


Ms Catherine Davies, BSc (Speech and Language Therapy)

Speech and Language Therapy consultant

Catherine is a Brain injury communication specialist. She is a senior clinician in the NHS assessing and treating communication and dysphagia for people with neurological conditions, particularly, with Brain injury. She is fully trained in SMART assessment for patients in low awareness states following severe Brian/spinal injury. Catherine advises and trains clients, families and carers in the use of aids and assistive-technology for communications. She has extensive experience of working in the multi-disciplinary team to achieve the best outcome for her clients with communication impairments. Her work with family and carers is particularly recognised by her colleagues as well as the service users. Catherine is instructed by Claimants and Defendant’s Lawyers. She also has a caseload of ages across the life-span from birth injuries to traumatic brain injuries.

Catherine works with a range of clients, MDT and carers/families and develops rapport easily.


Mrs Carol Bartley, MSc, PGCert, DipCOT, HCPC Reg

Occupational and Care consultant and Case Manager

Carol became a registered occupational therapist in 1984 after having completed her training at the Liverpool College of Occupational Therapy. Since then she has gained extensive experience in a variety of areas. She has been involved in assessment and rehabilitation of individuals with physical and cognitive impairments in community based settings as well as hospitals. She has experience of assessing and recommending care and case management for individuals with complex disability such as brain/spinal injury and other physical (orthopaedic) and cognitive disability and sensory impairment (visual) to meet their needs. In 2013 Carol completed a Master of Science at the University of Nottingham in Applied ergonomics and a Pg Cert in Ergonomics application in the workplace. She has advised people on matters related to return to work and made recommendations for further input for return to work and vocational rehabilitation.

Carol is a lecturer in occupational therapy at the University of Salford in Manchester and regularly presents at conferences both nationally and internationally and has recently won a European Scientific award for her work in developing clinical seating guidelines for the public and all health care professionals. Carol has completed research on the evaluation of static seating and pressure redistribution. This work has recently been published in the Journal of Tissue Viability. Carol has recently written the clinical seating guidelines for the Tissue Viability Society


Mrs Rachel Stott BSc (OT), HCPC Reg.

Specialist Occupational Therapist/Case Manager

Rachel is a specialist Occupational therapist. She provides clinical services in a regional neuro-rehabilitation unit. Her main areas of specialisation are Brain injury rehabilitation and adult physical rehabilitation. She has completed her training rotations in various areas of general and neurological rehabilitation. She has experience of physical and cognitive rehabilitation approaches. Rachel is a team leader level therapist with supervisory responsibility for other professionals. She has experience of treating patients with impairments and disability from complex medical and surgical as well as orthopaedic conditions, including post joint replacement surgery. Rachel’s training and experience as an Occupational Therapist enables her to assess the care and rehabilitation need of individuals with physical, cognitive, sensory (visual/hearing) and psychological impairment and disability.

Rachel is instructed by both Claimant’s and Defendant’s Solicitors as an Expert Witness in medico-legal cases.


Mrs Samantha Alfatti, BSc (OT), HCPC Reg.

Specialist Occupational Therapy and Care consultant

Samantha has extensive experience and specialisation in the area of Neurological and Physical rehabilitation. She has worked as senior clinician in several areas in the UK . She has particular experience in Cognitive rehabilitation and upper limb functional limitations. She has skills and experience in impairment and disability related outcome measures, setting goals and rehabilitation programs as well as setting up programs for carers to assist clients in participating in daily and lifestyle activities. She has facilitated return to work for clients with neurological conditions. She is very adaptable, has a problem-solving approach and is well regarded amongst fellow professionals. She has special interest in return to work and vocational rehabilitation.

Samantha is instructed by both Claimant’s and Defendant’s Solicitors as an Expert Witness in medico-legal cases.

Samantha enjoys travelling the world and adventures such as mountain climbing.


Ms Natanya Hedges, BSc (OT), HCPC Reg.

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Natanya is an experienced Occupational Therapist with specialist training and experience in treating patients with complex neurological conditions including brain and spinal injuries. She has ‘hands on’ experience of rehabilitation of patients with physical, cognitive and psychological impairments and disability. She also has experience in rehabilitation and care assessment of patients with orthopaedic, medical and surgical condition and complications, including amputees. She works in the the NHS as a senior clinician. Natanya has a pleasant approach to her patients and easily builds a rapport to help them achieve their potentials.  Natanya is instructed by both Claimant’s and Defendant’s Solicitors for personal injury and clinical negligence cases.


Mrs Sarah Bradbury, MCSP

Amputee & MSK Physiotherapy expert

Sarah is an expert in Amputee rehabilitation and leads the Physiotherapy service in the NHS regional limb centre in Manchester that covers a wide geographical area in the greater Manchester and surrounding areas. She has extensive experience and skills in rehabilitation of complex cases with traumatic or elective limb loss after major accidents/injuries or complex medical history. She has experience of upper and lower limb complex physical presentations with or without loss of limb and musculoskeletal conditions with advance skills in assessing gait, MSK and bio-mechanical issues affecting movements and physical skills. She has extensive knowledge and clinical skills in prosthetic rehabilitation. Sarah travels all over the UK for expert assessments in medico-legal cases instructed by Claimant’s and Defendant’s lawyers and as a joint expert.


Mrs Julie Lawlor, RGN

Case Manager

Julie is an experienced case manager with a wide range of clinical and case management experience. Julie is a Registered Nurse by clinical background with several years of clinical experience in the UK and USA. Julie manages a wide variety of cases including persons who have suffered neurological injuries and other catastrophic injuries such as amputation. She easily builds up rapport with her clients and the MDT and aims to achieve the best outcome for her clients. She has good organisation and communication skills and is an asset to the team in complex cases. Julie receives good feedback from her clients as well as the lawyers involved in catastrophic injury cases.

Mrs Beverley Stansfield, MCSP

Case Manager and Chartered Physiotherapist

Bev has long experience of assessing and treating clients with various health conditions and disability. She also has extensive experience of issues related to employment and staffing as well as care of the vulnerable adult. She has held position of senior clinical specialist physiotherapist in the NHS before retiring from the NHS. Her clinical specialism includes  rehabilitation of clients with cardiac and musculo-skeletal, rheumatological conditions. Bev’s skills of assessment of need of clients and her ability to co-ordinate and lead a team of professionals is well recognised by her colleagues. She is source of advice for the multi-disciplinary teams and is often consulted on wide range of matters related to service provisions and gaps in the NHS and in the independent sector. Her calm yet focused approach is liked equally by her service users and staffs.


Dr Melanie Stephens, PhD, RGN, BSc, MA, PGCE

Nursing and Care expert

Melanie is a Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing and Lead for Interprofessional Education, the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences.  She is a Full Member of Centre for Advances in Interprofessional Education (United Kingdom, September 2015). She is an External Examiner for Burns and Plastics Modules at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Melanie has vast clinical and care experience of patients with various medical and surgical conditions, including Burns and Plastic, Oncology, Surgical and medical condition. She is widely accepted as an expert in tissue viability.


Mr Eoin Walker

Paramedic expert

Eoin is a specialist paramedic with clinical expertise and leadership skills in the area of his practice. He works in a busy London Ambulance service and is involved in not only the front line services as an experienced clinician but also with teaching and management experience of the services.

Eoin undertakes breach of duty and liability reports involving emergency and ambulance services.

Mrs Jemma Proctor


Jemma is an experienced administrator with an extensive experience in legal practice administration. She has long experience of supporting solicitors and organising medico-legal reports and ensuring the reports meet the required quality standards.


Ms Shelley Darlington


Shelley has experience of working in secretarial roles in the legal and medical settings. She has experience of administration in legal firms and also in hospital as medical secretary. Shelley is responsible for production of the reports and administrative support to the clinicians.