Clinical Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists have distinguished education and training background and have extensive experience of providing clinical services in some of the best rehabilitation and medical centres in the UK and abroad as well as delivering rehabilitation in the client’s own environments in community set-ups. Our therapists can deliver specialised assessments and treatment including ‘ Cognitive & Perceptual Rehabilitation’, ‘Neuro-splinting’, Spinal injury and physical rehabilitation, assessment for aids/equipment and assistive technology and adaptations to home and work environments.



We provide detailed neuropsychological assessment of Cognitive, Intellectual and behavioural impairments. We also provide treatment of the impairment identified following the assessments. We frequently treat problems in the area of memory, attention and executive functions as well as behavioural problems.


Speech & Language Therapy

We provide assessment and treatment of communication impairments (language and speech) following brain injury including severe brain injury and persons with low awareness. We assess and treat voice impairments as well. We assess and treat swallowing problems.



We provide specialist Neurological physiotherapy for people with brain and spinal injuries. Our neur-physiotherapists have advanced training in neuro-rehabilitation techniques such as Bobath techniques and other movement analysis and management, Postural assessment and management advice including wheelchair seating.

We also  provide Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy following joints and spine injuries.