About Us

We are a Therapist-led organisation which means at the heart of what we do is the understanding of human function and behaviour.

The company started in 2011 and since the journey began we have been joined by some of the most talented clinicians and academicians to meet the needs of growing demand for our services.

We are a team of expert Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Nursing, Medical and Para-medical experts, who are leaders in their practice and profession and have a proven track record of making lasting impact on health and rehabilitation services in the Public and Private Sector and education of the future generation of clinicians. Some of the works of our experts are recognised regionally and nationally.

We are humbled by the ever-growing demand for our services from eminent lawyers, Law firms and insurance companies throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. We continue to deliver the highest standard of services with a ‘can-do’ attitude, open to innovation and work tirelessly to meet the demands. The values we have learnt from rehabilitation is reflected in our business. Empathy, aspiration, individual excellence matched with inclusive approach are very much relevant in what we do as an organisation.

Our vision is to not just meet the needs of our service users but to exceed them and create individualised solutions for each request we receive for our intervention.

We learn continuously and do not hold the illusion of ‘’Perfection’’. Our aim is ‘’Excellence in what we do’’.

Our mission is to help the person with disability achieve the best they can in the context they function in so that they can fulfil their life roles to the optimum. Our expert services are supported by a skilled and dedicated team of administrators and a Business manager who have background experience in medico-legal organisations and understand the demands very well and are always there to help when needed and assure quality of our services.

From the desk of the Director...

The journey began in 1993, just under 30 years ago, when I joined the undergraduate degree course in Occupational Therapy. it was fascinating to learn the Bio-Psycho-Social basis of human functioning, the underpinning anatomy and physiology and how human functions are impacted by illness, injury and also by behaviour, lifestyle and occupation (or the lack of it!) and how to improve human functional skills, independence and social inclusion. The more I learned about disability and how human functioning can be improved or influenced by rehabilitation, the more I became driven to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disability. It is widely accepted in rehabilitation that the functional outcome is influenced not only by  interventions at the impairment level, but also by natural adaptation, building skills and learning strategies to improve functions, participation in life roles (occupations) and social inclusion.

With years of undergraduate and post-graduate education, training and clinical experience, and working with some of the leading medical and Allied health Professionals (AHPs) across public services and the private sector, nationally and internationally, and most importantly, the disabled persons the team and I have worked with, the journey continues to be exciting hopefully with the increasing insight and foresight that comes with such experience.

After years of public service to the disabled population, I started a journey in the independent sector, along with some of the most talented colleagues in the field of rehabilitation and was fortunate to have been joined by more colleagues in the field of health, Social Care and Rehabilitation and here we are forging ahead to continuously meet our growing demands. We intend to continue to make a difference in the lives of the person with disability, along with some of the fantastic minds in rehabilitation, that we are so proud to have as our colleagues in the team.

We are there for you when you need us!

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