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Clinical Rehabilitation

We are experts in rehabilitation and pride ourselves with unparallel knowledge and skills in the field of rehabilitation.

Our clinicians are trained and experienced to advanced level of clinical practice and regularly update their knowledge and skills. We are objective and focused in working towards to person-centred goals but we deliver interventions with sensitive and compassion.

We are able to identify potentials and how to achieve the best outcomes because of our extensive clinical knowledge base, reasoning skills and experience. Rehabilitation process will often be challenging and we understand that the journey is not always easy, but then with the right support at the right time great achievement can be made.

We are there to help people with life changing injuries and disability overcome barriers, maximise their potentials and achieve meaningful occupation(s) and life-plans following catastrophic injuries. We support people through education, training, work and social inclusion. We promote wellbeing and engagement in rehabilitation when it may appear an uphill challenge for the client.

We work closely not only with the person with the disability but also their family and significant others in their lives including carers, undertake risk assessment and training of the carers.

We place high importance on early intervention and enabling the person to making choices, set goals and have a positive effect on their physical and psychological well-being and social inclusion.