Apurba Chakraborty

MSc, PGDip (Rehab), BOT, OTR(USA), HCPCReg(UK)

Occupational Therapy & Care Consultant / Director

Apurba is a lead clinician in the area of Brain/Spinal and neurological rehabilitation, with experience of neurorehabilitation in the NHS and in the independent sector. He regularly assists the court as an expert witness service in cases of catastrophic personal injury and medical negligence for Care, Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation. He has provided leadership in clinical rehabilitation, taught Occupational Therapy and AHP/Nursing students at university, inspired therapists in rehabilitation across regions. He has been instrumental in developing rehabilitation care services for patients across city and also in new services for stroke and other neurological patients. He is trained and experienced at an expert level for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and cognitive impairment and disability. He is trained and experienced in functional neurological examination of movement and strength and cognitive-perceptual functions underpinning human functional capacity. He has led MDTs and advised medical, nursing and AHP colleagues on evaluation of disability, functional outcome/prognosis and rehabilitation potentials and strategies to achieve the best functional outcome. His expertise and clinical reasoning in upper limb functional assessment and rehabilitation is particularly sought by his medical and rehabilitation colleagues. His combined knowledge of neurological and musculoskeletal impairment impacting on upper limb function as well as his skills in hand splinting is well regarded in clinical practice.

Apurba has been involved in rehabilitation of persons with disability across the life span, ranging from birth injuries, including early intervention for children with cerebral palsy, through to adults with acquired (or from birth) brain injuries and other long-term disabling conditions. Apurba has worked closely with family and carers (directly employed and agencies) to achieve care packages that meets the needs of the persons with disability, including complex multi-agency care and NHS CHC and local authority funded care, complex risk assessment and moving and handling training of carers.

Apurba has experience of providing advance level clinical service and supervising Occupational Therapists in large teaching hospitals to community based rehabilitation. He has also achieved certification as Occupational Therapist Registered in the USA by the US National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy. He has experience of developing and providing services in India as well.

Apurba undertakes Immediate Needs Assessment under the Rehab code. Apurba is an APIL 1st tier Expert Witness. In addition to the High courts in the UK, Apurba has been appointed as an expert for courts in Ireland, USA and Australia. He has experience of assessing personal injury claimants throughout the UK and abroad (Europe and India). He is frequently invited by multi-national law firms to contribute to CPD on matters related to rehabilitation,

Apurba enjoys socialising with friends and family, keeping up with news media, culture and current affairs, travelling, music, languages and attending the gym (somewhat reluctantly through!).

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