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Doreen Skeene


Occupational Therapist

Ms Skeene is a highly experienced and skilled Occupational Therapist (OT) with 21 years’ of clinical experience in the field of rehabilitation and care of persons with disability. She has experience in hospital settings, community rehabilitation and the development of rehabilitation plans and care packages. She provides functional analysis, evaluation of adaptive equipment to maximise functions and independence, evaluation of the home environment to recommend on housing needs and/or major adaptions to meet long-term needs and improve quality of life. She is highly experienced in risk assessment, moving and handling assessments in the community. She identifies the need for care and works closely with disabled persons, their family and carers to promote health and safety and optimal functioning.

Ms Skeene’s expertise is in the functional assessment of persons with long term illness and disability in their own home environment and recommending rehabilitation and care in the community setting, recommending aids and equipment and moving and handling strategies.

Ms Skeene has experience of working closely with local authorities, equipment and care providers, agencies and working in partnership with multiple stakeholders. She has also previously spent time supervising staff and other Occupational Therapists, designed home programmes of rehabilitation, and trained family and carers to achieve the optimal functional outcome for the disabled person.

Ms Skeene is trained in medico-legal work with Bond Solon.

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