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Jennifer Murray


Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Jennifer is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with over 25 years clinical experience. Originating from the USA, Jennifer then migrated to the UK and worked in the NHS paediatric services for several years working closely with paediatric neurologists and the MDT before moving into independent practice where she currently works as a Consultant Occupational Therapist and her role includes planning and implementing individual treatment programmes for clients and managing a caseload of complex children with a variety of diagnoses including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and pervasive developmental disorders. Jennifer recommends packages of care suitable to meet each of her client’s individual needs. She works closely with case managers. With Jennifer’s years of experience in the provision of equipment to clients she often provides assessment and advice on any necessary aids in order to increase their independence in areas of moving and handling, positioning, eating and drinking, dressing, washing and bathing. Jennifer works closely with the relevant agencies, professionals, and equipment providers on the strategic planning for the immediate and long-term needs of her clients.

In addition, for the last 9 years, Jennifer has also been providing medico-legal reports in serious high value cases involving children to assist with costing for aids, equipment, therapy and adaptations.

When Jennifer isn’t busy working, she is usually supporting her children with their sporting achievements. To wind down at the end of a busy week Jennifer also enjoys walking, kayaking and reading.

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