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Sally Sutton


Advance Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Ms Sutton is an Advance Clinical Nurse Practitioner in the NHS. She has worked in the NHS for 22 years, the last 10 years as an advanced clinical practitioner. Ms Sutton has a wealth of knowledge surrounding complex patient needs having worked in general medicine and more recently in stroke care.

Many of the patients Ms Sutton supports have physical challenges requiring specialist equipment for manual handling such as hoists, pressure relieving equipment, specialist seating. Many of Ms Sutton’s patients may have cognitive impairment due to a variety of conditions such as stroke, dementia, delirium, Parkinsons disease to name but a few.

Ms Sutton also has a great deal of experience working with patients who rely solely on gastrostomies for their nutritional requirements due to impairments with their swallow, cognition, and breathing. Alongside their nutritional requirements, often their medications require review to ensure they can be given safely via this route. Ms Sutton works closely with speech therapy colleagues to support not only the patient themselves, but the training of their carers/ family alongside the care staff.

Ms Sutton has received medico-legal training.

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