Sarah Bradbury


Amputee & MSK Physiotherapy Expert

Sarah is an expert in Amputee rehabilitation and leads the multidisciplinary therapy service in a large NHS sub regional limb centre in Manchester that covers a wide geographical area in the greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Sarah has extensive experience, knowledge and skills in assessment and rehabilitation of complex cases with traumatic or elective limb loss after major accidents/injuries or with presenting complex medical history.

Sarah has experience of treating and managing patients with upper and lower limb complex physical presentations and musculoskeletal conditions. Sarah has advanced skills in assessing gait, MSK and bio-mechanical issues affecting movements and physical skills.

Sarah is passionate and dedicated towards providing the highest quality care to the patients under both her and her teams care, she has over 20 years clinical experience working with prosthetic patients of all age ranges.

Sarah travels all over the UK for expert assessments in medico-legal cases instructed by Claimant’s and Defendant’s lawyers and as a joint expert.

Sarah is energetic and enthusiastic, She enjoys and is passionate about exercise and healthy living. Sarah loves spending time with her family and especially enjoys a long forest walk with them and their dog followed by a nice meal out!

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