Dr Sumanta Gupta

MBBS, MSc, MRCPsych.

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Gupta is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 14 years clinical experience as a Consultant in Psychiatry. Dr Gupta is a lead clinician treating patients with enduring mental health conditions including acute and emergency psychiatric presentation of detained patients. He is experienced in managing patients with conditions such as personality disorders, anxiety, depression and PTSD in various settings including acute in-patient as well as in the community. He has been a Consultant Psychiatrist for Access, Crisis & Home Treatment teams. He has been a Clinical Tutor. His interest includes Mood Disorder especially Bipolar Disorder and he regularly deliver lectures to various mental health professionals around Manchester

Dr Gupta provided leadership, advice and support the multi-disciplinary team in delivering the mental health services and care.

Dr Gupta has been reporting as an Expert Witness for the Court for the past 12 years in medico-legal cases. He does Causation, Condition and Prognosis reports and is instructed by Claimants and Defendant’s Solicitors in both personal injury and medical negligence claims. He also does Capacity Assessment reports and Fitness to Practice reports. He has given oral evidence in Court as well.

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