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Welcome to Our New Team Members…

Welcome to the team Jennifer, Sally, Doreen and Shweta.

Jennifer Murray is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who has experience of dealing with such diagnoses as Cerebral Palsy, acquired brain injury and pervasive developmental disorders and providing advice with regard to specialist equipment, leisure activities and adaptations.

Shweta Sangle is a Neuro Physiotherapist with advanced training in the rehabilitation of individuals with neurological disability and disorders including severe brain and spinal injuries. Ms Sangle has specific interest/experience with stroke rehabilitation.

Doreen Skeene is a highly experienced and skilled Occupational Therapist (OT) with 21 years’ of clinical experience in the field of rehabilitation and care of persons with disability. She has experience in hospital settings, community rehabilitation and the development of rehabilitation plans and care packages. Ms Skeene’s expertise is in the functional assessment of persons with long term illness and disability in their own home environment and recommending rehabilitation and care in the community setting, recommending aids and equipment and moving and handling strategies.

Sally Sutton, Nursing Expert – RGN, MSc, BSc

Sally Sutton is a Nursing expert (Advanced Clinical Nurse Practitioner) who has extensive knowledge of complex patients needs having worked in general medicine for many years and, more recently, stroke care. She also has vast experience of working with patients living with gastrostomies.






All new team members are now available for instructions and copy CV’s and availability can be provided, on request. Please contact our Business Manager, Jemma Proctor ( with any queries.